Why us?

Why us?

My activity focuses on individual tourism or travelling in small groups, which guarantees a safe and cosy atmosphere, which is very important nowadays.

Professionalism in the preparation of travel/events thanks to my very good knowledge of the realities of Croatia, long-lasting education in that country, cooperation and relationships with local partners and various service suppliers.

Your travels are prepared on a tailored-made basis. I meet your expectations and adjust the plan to you. I try to create the reality you expect.

Uniqueness, you can be certain that no-one will have the same trip. Each trip is individualised and reflects whims and preferences of a given person.

Confidentiality, the way you want to spend your time is known only to you and me.

Support and advice, we offer them at each stage of our cooperation. We take care that you feel comfortable and receive full information.

Inventiveness, this is a characteristic of our activity. We try to think in an unconventional and non-standard way to make your impressions and experiences exceptional and unique.

Liability is one of our major principles. We recommend and suggest things that have been checked and tested by us.

Safety is the basis which applies always and everywhere and we have necessary documents and certificates.

We would like to ensure both physical and mental comfort to you during our joint projects.

While creating our projects, we try to prepare the most flexible offer possible to satisfy even the fussiest persons.