About us

About us

I am Klaudia Broda. For many years, I have been interested in and greatly fascinated with a certain
small grand country of Croatia. My life adventure connected with that place started accidentally,
innocently and naively to a certain extent. Thus, if you have a while, please listen …

As a young girl who did not know much about life, just after my high school graduation exam, I had to make a life choice concerning my further education. At the beginning, I was not aware of my predisposition, advantages, strong or weak sides. I made my choices by listening to my intuition and internal heart voice, which searched for something exceptional, outstanding and unique.

And in such a way a slightly trivial sea of youthful thoughts led me to philological, literary and language studies. I did not expect then that my extraordinary life adventure connected with my profession and my great avocation for Croatia would start there. 

Days, weeks, months passed and I was improving my knowledge of the literature of Balkan countries, Croatian language and other related fields. Learning the history, culture, habits, social and political situation and reality of countries of former Yugoslavia became my everyday life. I was reading a lot of books of known and foremost writers from that region. And seemingly ordinary student duties and learning turned into my life passion, which I have been continuing to date.

Then, I also started dreaming about exploring and experiencing the world I heard about every day.
About a real interaction with the space and people. Thus, a natural step was to actually start
numerous journeys, expeditions and trips. At that stage, these were solely individual and research
travels. The power of experience and observations has been paying off in my profession to date by
establishing a very important context of my knowledge.

Then, the time to establish a more professional character of my career arrived. To combine my love
with work, I got interested in the tourism industry. I acquired a licence of a tourist guide and then city
guide licences, as well. I chose such actions to use the information I learned in a professional way. At the beginning, in the tourist market, I worked as a shuttle guide, then a resident on stationary
vacation, and finally a guide of touring trips. This profession enables me to describe and share my
knowledge, experience, emotions and reflections concerning the country that is my first, invariable
and unremitting love. I have always felt that it is wonderful to be able to show the others the world
that they do not know, to describe things that they have not had contact with. And to inspire their
curiosity and interest or maybe even make them love Croatia and Balkan climates, as well.


The main idea of my company called Cro Destination appeared in 2020 out of my love for Croatia and
my passion and commitment to work. My other equally important motives are connected with an
authentic urge to contact people willing to get to know and experience something extraordinary in
Croatia or to rest and learn the atmosphere of that place. This is also connected with promoting the
Croatian direction as an ideal place to rest, sightsee, take part in various events, occasional parties
and ceremonies, improve the knowledge of the region or have serene fun and spend free time with
Croatia in the background.