What we do?

What we do?

Taking into consideration the changing world and tourist industry, the purpose of the company is to create and implement new determinants in traveling activities. Of course, we are not precursors of changes, but we would like to be inspired by the latest trends. Cro Destination is a boutique travel agency dedicated to those who want to travel on their own, in pairs, small groups of family or friends. It provides an even balance between packaged travelling and a trip organised on one’s own account. In addition, our services are slightly extended and incorporate the organisation of luxury tourist events, parties and occasional ceremonies, events, guided trips, destination consulting,translation, booking and agent services, language coaching, and cooperation in all the above activities.

How do we create our tourist/ event offer

Everything is based on a few simple stages that you and I must achieve to establish our cooperation and relationship that will let us create a project you are interested in. Thus … do not become stressed, it is simple.

Stage 01
Establishing a contact

Fill in the inquiry form available on my website, write an e-mail directly to me or call me.

Stage 02
Getting to know each other

I must familiarise with your ideas, wishes and dreams in detail. You must tell what you expect, what you would like to do and experience. You should define your preferences, tastes, time and financial
resources. I would like to hear your plans and urges.

Stage 03
Preparing a travel/event plan

Having listened to your expectations, I prepare a travel/event tailored to your needs from scratch. My duty is to prepare a plan/draft/outline based on which your order could fulfilled.

Stage 04
Verifying the plan

You must familiarise yourself with the work I created and check whether it meets your wishes and contains everything you want. Your suggestions will be very precious because we have one goal in common: to meet your expectations.

Stage 05
Arranging initial formalities

This means signing an agreement and paying an advance payment. This procedure is necessary if we are to carry out our project in a safe way.

Stage 06
Finalising formalities

When the travel/event is prepared, you will receive all data, information, guidelines, documents and the plan of events. And this is the time to pay for the whole order.

Stage 07
Final actions

During your travel/event, I can play two roles: I can be on the spot as your personal guide/assistant for your event or I can guide/support you remotely without personal presence.

Stage 08
When everything ends ...

Then, do not give up our contact and remember that our joint project does not need to be the last one. Your opinion, review, reflections about everything that happened will be very precious to me. Share your impressions with me and the others. This is a certain indicator of the quality and standard
of my services, as well as an incentive and inspiration for the others.

Choice of a travel package


Package 1.

Definition of the programme day by day, logistic information, advice and guidelines.


Package 2.

Definition of the programme day by day, booking and payment of additional attractions, entrance tickets and local guides, logistic information, advice and guidelines, remote assistance at each travel


Package 3.

Definition of the programme day by day, booking and payment of additional attractions, entrance tickets and local guides, transport, accommodation, full guide services, travel insurance.