I would like to invite all persons, institutions, companies, workplaces, travel agencies that are
interested in wide cooperation. I offer my knowledge and long-lasting experience in the tourism
sector and not only there at your disposal. I would like to encourage you to contact me on the
following issues:

– luxury and exclusive private tours,

– the organisation of a wide range of occasional ceremonies and events all over Croatia,

– the organisation of training all over Croatia,

– support during the reservation of local guides for tourist/package groups, as well as additional
attractions, meals, transfers, tasting, folklore evenings, etc.,

– the preparation of programmes of touring events (including a dedicated subject), including Croatia
and neighbouring countries, like Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia,
Kosovo and Albania (including programmes for Incentiv groups),

– translation from Croatian,

– consultation for cultural, social, information institutions on knowledge and present situation in
Croatia and countries of former Yugoslavia,

– language coaching (Croatian),

– guide and tour leader services.